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The Independent Comix Expo (or ICE) is a brand new small press exposition in Cedar rapids, Iowa.

The expo that is going back to basics, giving an opportunity for fans and local comic creators to interact.


Real Comics for real people.


April 21st 10am -5pm

The Hive Collective

( in the Czech Village)

56 16th Ave. SW

Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404



Featured Creators

 Thom Hotka


Thom Hotka is the author and illustrator of the science fiction adventure graphic novel Nextuus: The Search for the Ocean Shard. Thom grew up in Des Moines and has been creating comics since his youth. Nextuus has been his main focus for the past 11 years, publishing over 1000 pages of the comic online and collecting 20 chapters into four printed graphic novels.




JETFALCO Creator of DreamersEcho, an original sci-fi/fantasy adventure comic, complete with original music soundtracks, posters, art prints, buttons, stickers, postcards!



 Ryan L. Schrodt


  Ryan L. Schrodt made his professional writing debut in Mark Millar's Clint Magazine. Since then he has been published by Titan Books, Action Lab, Red Stylo Media, and more. He is best known for his surreal webcomic Dear Dinosaur, which ran for two years at He is the founder of Dirty Third Comics through which he has published the critically acclaimed Matinee Eclectica, The King of Cool, The Process, and the upcoming Tales of Wrestling Revolver. His first children's books, The Singing Sasquatch and S is for Suplex, as well as new superhero thriller Cage: The Machine (co-written with wrestling star Brian Cage) are due in 2018.


 Brian C Bradley


 Brian Bradley is the writer/illustrator/publisher of the Faith-Based comic book series, The Anointed 7. Through his publishing company Kingdom Comics, he is also the publisher of the popular comic book titles, Quiver, and Kingdom Comics Presents.


Gregg Paulsen


Gregg Paulsen is a Quad Cities native( davenport, Iowa to be exact) is a artist who has been trolling around the Indy comics scene for over 20 years now, with work through Kenzer & Co., Slave Labor Graphics, Image Comics, & Bluewater productions, his current project Ironclad( co-created with Phillip Hester and Jason Caskey ) is a 100 plus page Graphic Novel that was 20 years in the making which will be in stores soon Committed Comics.


 Aaron Carlo


 Aaron Carlo is an illustrator and writer from Des Moines, Iowa. His first ever self-published Comic Book, TRANSIENT, debuted on December 16th 2017! TRANSIENT is the story of a man trying to make his way through a lonely and dangerous world. Nature has retaken its claim of the earth, and humanity is scattered among tribes and small settlements. In the fight for survival, will one man's humanity rise to the occasion?

Simon Mitchell


Simon is the creator, writer and penciler of the comic book Bad Sushi Cannon. A hilarious tale of The S.S. Karma Chimera, a space vessel piloted and crewed by a three man team.  It speeds across the galaxy at the beckon call of Mic Harris, A known galactic mafia head who specializes in illegal smuggling and transportation. Covering his operation is his trusty team of fake repo-men, repossessing all types of vehicles- and at the same time making illegal drops for Mic.